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DIRECTIONS TO Custer Observatory

Take the Long Island Expressway (called the "L-I-E" by Long Islanders) to its last eastern exit, Exit 73. From that point you'll still have about 19 miles to go. At the exit, take Route 58 east for about 4 miles to a traffic circle. Continue around circle and straight out the other side. At that point the road becomes Route 25 (east). Continue for the next 15 miles, and take it slow because the local police are very aggressive about speeding. As you enter the Village of Southold and just before a Gulf station, you will see signs for the Custer Institute on your right. Immediately after the Gulf Gas Station, make a VERY SHARP right turn onto Main Bayview Road. About 2 tenths of a mile after the turn, and on your left side, you will see the brick building with the dome on it. Parking is on the street (face your headlights AWAY from the viewing area).For more information about the many activities here, Custer's phone number is (631)765-2626.

To see where Custer Observatory is on Long Island see location #4 by CLICK HERE for map of Long Island.

Below you'll find a more detailed map showing you the last leg of the journey::