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Currently two club members hold the library volumes, which are divided into books and videos. Bob Wolyniec, our club Secretary, can be contacted to arrange for you to obtain the books and Sue Rose, club President, the videos. Usually this is done by sending them an email, prior to the club meeting where your request will be brought, or for other arrangements, email them by clicking on their name.

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Title Author Comments/Links
A Magnificent Old Conflagration US Naval Observatory  
Advanced Amateur Astronomy (Editions 1 & 2, seperate volumes) Gerald North  
All About Telescopes Brown  
An Adventure in Astronomy Heuer  
Astronomy from the Earth to the Universe Pasachoff  
Astronomy Made Simple Degani  
Astronomy, Maps and Weather Wylie  
Astrophotography Arnold  
Astrophotography for the Amateur Michael Covington  
Beyond Stonehedge Hawkins G.  
Celestial Harvest Mullaney  
Chemistry in the Space Age Gardner  
Contact Sagan  
Discovering The Universe Lovell  
Easy PC Astronomy Duffett Smith  
Exploration of the Universe G.O. Ablell  
Exploring Space with Astronomy Mallan  
Exploring the Planets, 2nd ed E.Christiansen &
W. Hamblin
Finder Charts of Bright Telescope Objects Watson  
Finder Charts of Overlooked Objects Watson  
Fireside Astronomy (2 copies) Moore  
Foundations of Astronomy Seeds  
Foundations of Earth Science (with updated CD) Lutgens & Tarbuck  
Fun with Optics Edmond Scientific  
Galileo's Daughter Sobel  
God and the New Physics Davies  
Homebuilt Telescopes Edmond Scientific  
How The Universe Was Born Piret  
How to Use Your Telescope Edmond Scientific  
Into the Final Frontier-The Human Exploration of Space McNamara  
Introductory Astronomy & Astrophysics Gregory  
Longitude (2 copies) Sobel  
Making a Clock-Accurate Sundial Muller  
Men of Other Planets Heuer  
Moon Trip King  
Mounting Your Telescope Edmond Scientific  
Night Watch Dickinson  
Observe The Herschel Objects Astronomical League  
Off to the Moon Life Magazine Special Issue  
Philip S Color Star Atlas-Epoch 2000 Cox & Monkhouse  
Planet Neptune (2 copies) Moore  
Quasars, Pulsars and Black Holes Golden  
Radio Astronomy and How To Build Your Own Telescope HEYWOOD  
Red Giants and White Dwarfs Jastrow  
Remember the Apollo Legacy Kent  
Repairing and Adjusting Binoculars Alii Service Notes  
Riddles of the Stars Robert Kraske  
Seeing the Deep Sky Schaaf  
Sky Atlas 2000 Companion Strong  
Solar Eclipse of 1991 Rao  
Somebody Else is on the Moon Leonard  
Space Michener  
Space - The New Frontier NASA  
Splendor In The Sky Hawkins  
Stonehedge Decoded Hawkins G.  
Telescope Optics Edmond Scientific  
Telescopes Edmond Scientific  
The Arithmetic of Voting G. Ottewell  
The Atlas of Mercury Cross and Moore  
The Earth Through Time Levin  
The Ever Changing Sky Kaler  
The Exploration of Mars Ley & Von Braun  
The Flammarion Book of Astronomy Camille Flammarion  
The Inner Planets C.R. Chapman  
The Light Book Hyman  
The New Solar System Deatty and Chakin  
The Photographic Atlas of the Stars Doherty and Moore  
The Physics of Star Trek Krauss  
The Planet Observer's Handbook Fred Price  
The Right Stuff Wolfe  
The Starry Room Schaaf  
The Sun and the Amateur Astronomer Baxter  
The Telescope Catalog of Catalogs Lapidus  
Through the Telescope Porcellino  
Turn Left at Orion G. Consolmagno &
D. Davis
Turn Right at Orion Begelmar  
Universe Sampler Goldberg  
Visions of the Universe Asimov  
Voyager Encounters Jupiter NASA  
Welcome to the Moon Kelsey  
What Star Is That? Brown  
Your Guide to the Sky Shaffer  


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