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Amateur Observers' Society of NY Event Calendar from the Night Sky Network.

Obsserving Locations

Jones Beach State Park Nature Center The AOS will be doing evening astronomy programs at the Jones Beach State Park Nature Center. The programs will involve a brief indoor presentation about astronomy, followed by stargazing.

Directions:South on Wantagh Parkway to Ocean Parkway, west on Ocean Parkway, follow signs to Nature Center at West End. OR Meadowbrook Parkway south to Ocean Parkway, exit at West End, follow signs to Nature Center.
A map showing Jones Beach State Park Nature Center, previously the Theodore Roosevelt Nature Center.

Robert Moses State Park (RMSP) Lat. 40-37-24 N; Long-73-16-56 W on Fire Island along the south shore of Long Island, New York, AOS sponsored stargazing is situated at the northwest side of parking FIELD #2. These events are open to both AOS members and the public but YOU NEED A SKYGAZING PERMIT to attend and risk being evicted from the area by park personnel if you don't have one. To obtain one, either call the "Permit Department" at (631)669-1000 or send a self addressed, stamped envelope to the address below and include in the cover letter the fact that you want to renew your Stargazer's Permit. Note that Stargazer's Permits are on a per vehicle basis so, if you use more than one vehicle for stargazing activities, be sure to obtain a permit for each one. Enclose a xerox of your driver's license, registration card and your phone number, as well a check for $30 (as of April 2009) and send it all to:

NYS Office of Parks & Recreation
PO Box 247
Babylon NY 11702.


Custer Observatory,Lat.41-3.122 N Long. 72-21.071 W situated on the north fork of Long Island in Suffolk County, New York, Custer hosts, among many other activities, skygazing, open to the public every Saturday night, weather permitting. Though not sponsored by AOS, observing at Custer is encouraged because of its dark skies with relatively low light pollution compared to most of Long Island. The AOS now has it's own observatory here with a 14" telescope for use by AOS qualified members.

DIRECTIONS to Custer Observatory

Before you attend a star party, please read this Stargazing Ettiquette Guide. If you are considerate with other observers, they will be more likely to return the favor.