A collection of images by Derek Java from the lunar eclipse on Feb 20th, 2008.
More images can be seen here.

Annular Eclipse
June 10, 2002 from Punta dePinitas on the Pacific coast of Mexico,
80 miles south of Puerto Vallarta.

Mosaic by Glenn Schneider

Photo By Sue Rose

Photo copyright by Joe Pesselli

February 26, 1998 Solar Eclipse-Photos by Sue Rose

Click on Image to see movie of eclipse (file is approx. 400k animated GIF)
February 26th 1998 solar eclipse as viewed from Jones Beach Long Island N.Y. - Photo and animation by Robert Benjamin  
12/25/00 solar eclipse
Partial Solar Eclipse of Christmas 2000 from Floral Park Queens-Photo by Steven Benjamin
Click on here or on image for animated GIF (608 kb)
Steven Benjamin Photographing the eclise
Steven Benjamin taking above sequence of Christmas 2000 eclipse.

Paul Benjamin viewing the eclipse
Paul Benjamin looking at Christmas 2000 eclipse projected by binoculars.
Viewing the eclipse with a "Saltine Cracker"
Viewing the eclipse with a "Saltine Cracker"
Viewing and photograhing the Partial Solar Eclipse of Christmas 2000 from Floral Park Queens with family-Photos by Robert and Larry Benjamin
Jan 9, 2001 eclipse from New York
January 9th, 2001 Lunar Eclipse from Flushing Meadows New York.
Composite photo by Robert Benjamin and Jim Kay.
Photos by Stathis Kalyvas from Thessaloniki-Greece...all photos taken from the
center of Thessaloniki with a MEADE LX200 8" SCT and a CCD 416XTE Meade camera,and a STARLIGHT X-press MX5C(planets and moon only).

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